Past puppet making festivals around the world

Lets all get eco puppet making


Puppetry making workshops, for Hullabaloo children’s festival , Co Offaly

Festival of fires Belatine , Inis Hill puppet workshops


Past art workshopsn wildlife staff workshops endanger animals

Edale folk festival, folkman themed puppet making workshop


Supporting extiction reblioion Octorber 2019 puppetry

Portugal winter children yoga retreat 


Rainbow children’s yoga course Pineapple studios , London . December 2019 

we made eco green hat! When I taught art through English at the English school in the north of Italy by Lake Iseo Easter of 2018


Drawing club by the pool in Thailand , getting the kiddy’s to express themselves as a beautiful blooming flower July 2019

Assist and volunteered in making this eco parade in Montepiller south of France was a English au pair February 2018 


Dolphin volunteering puppet making, au pair too south of France. Easter 2018     

with fresh herb from yum garden in! Bali inspired roast camping lily pad drawing flowers express you our inside heart friendships flower with your friends in 


Under sea puppet pre for Galway fringe , under sea children’s events workshops which I ran. For 3 summer 2011,2012 to 2013 

Adult puppet making 


Adult Puppet making workshop Castlepoolza festival , co Offaly Ireland 2016

How to Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


Teenager puppet making at Spirit of Folk festival , canvan Ireland. June 2015

Seal shrine puppet travelling suitcase performance , October 2019


How to Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Great Rainy Day Activities For Kids


Festival of fire festival puppet making folk fire men , hill of Tara May 2012

More adults puppetry making 


Shadow puppetry course Brighton school of puppetry summer of 2011

Past yoga eco poses & puppetry, art making  in different travels place 

Get Eco Yoging, art & puppet making 


Shadow Puppetry workshop  prep for Nepal and India, winter  2019

Yoga art for Bike baby Buddha, yoga classes inspired by dessert flowers of Gran Caneria May 2019

Children puppet exhibit , puppet created at Little angel puppet theatre , London  exhibit Easter of 2016

puppet flow flower doll yoga 

Sunset yoga class with lovely aqua under sea videographer  Tasha , with group of children and family by the sea . Portugal this past winter, January to February 2020 

Eco Marine whale themed yoga children’s classes  , on the lovely island of Inis man of the Aaron Islands June 2019

oldest friend Morgan yoga hen doh , by lovely dance yoga teacher aby , June 2018

Gran Canrey yoga flow

Portugal tea yoga class on beach 

Rudyard lake warrior rainbow turtle kids video march 2020 

Bristol elephant practise yoga class with Lowri and bean early January  2019 

pturtleco yoga moves 

Doing the crab at Rudyard lake 

Jenny cat yoga 

Pturtle home yoga 

Resting Pturtle yoga pose 

U.k, Ireland & Eco virtual world 


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